Kathy Quinn

“Several years ago I reached out to Dr. Jeannette Lofas for help with my stepfamily situation. She very quickly lowered the overwhelming emotions and reframed what was happening in a way I was unable to do on my own. She accomplished what years of therapy was not able to do. I work with large organizations, and I realize what I learned from Jeannette applies to them as well. I am so grateful to the Stepfamily Foundation.”

Aileen D.

I am writing to say Thank You for all you have done and continue to do for couples in stepfamily relationships. My husband and I recently celebrated 20 years together and we never would have made it without the Stepfamily Foundation and Jeannette Lofas.  The methodology and techniques that we learned from you in our first year of marriage completely changed our relationship for the better.  To this day, we use these tools when any kind of conflict comes up, step related or other.  Instead of being on either side of an issue as combatants, we have learned to be team members, equipped to find an answer to the problem, together.  The process of working this way has made us closer, more resilient and able to be vulnerable with each other to strengthen our bond.     
Today, our marriage and family is stronger than ever.  ( Yes, we are that annoying middle aged couple that still holds hands on walks.) Our oldest (my stepdaughter) has grown into a delightful, compassionate, respectful, and confident young woman.  She is a model for our two younger kids and we are incredibly proud of her.  Our two younger children live in a loving two parent household and benefit daily from the caring and respectful home we have created together.  We are very grateful for all the help we received from The Stepfamily Foundation and Jeannette Lofas and highly recommend them to anyone wanting a loving, fulfilling step relationship.
Aileen D.